Transgender Girl Writes Letter in Response to Obama’s Omission of Trans People in Speech

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The gay community applauded President Obama for mentioning them during his inaugural speech, but for transgender people, the meaning of Obama’s words was left open for interpretation.

Did he mean “LGBT” when he said “gay”? An 11-year-old transgender girl wondered why the president didn’t include the t-community in his speech. So Sadie, as she’s called, decided to write her own speech:

“Transgender people are not allowed the freedom to do things everyone else does, like go to the doctor, go to school, get a job, and even make friends,” she wrote in part of her letter.

“When they grow up, transgender adults have a hard time getting a job because the boss thinks the customers will be scared away.”

Sadie’s mother, Sage, told the Huffington Post that her daughter started transitioning from male to female when she was still in kindergarten. She’s currently attending a public school and is very open about who she is.

“I'm always ‘on’ when we go out because I never know when she'll strike up a conversation with the person in front of her in line at Trader Joe's. When she chats with people, she introduces herself as, “Hi, I'm Sadie, my favorite color is pink, I'm vegan, and I'm transgender. Who are you?’” she said.

Sage told HuffPost supported her daughter's idea to write the letter because she thought “it might help empower her and overcome any feelings of oppression.”

Read more about Sadie on the Huffington Post’s story.

LOOK: Sadie’s letter about the transgender community.

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