Trans Woman Becomes First Recorded to Breastfeed

With a special type hormone replacement therapy, a trans woman’s wish to breastfeed her newborn has not only became a reality, but made history.

According to Pink News, doctors at the Mt Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York successfully found a way for the 30-year-old woman to produce milk.

Doctor Tamar Reisman, the woman behind the scientific discovery, placed the patient on a specially concocted type of hormone replacement therapy using Domperidone for three and a half months leading up to the birth.

The drug, which was imported from Canada due it not being approved by the Food and Drugs Administration, allowed the woman to produce eight ounces of milk a day just two weeks before the baby arrived.

According to the journal Transgender Health, this is “the first formal report in the medical literature of induced lactation in a transgender woman.”

Reisman was thrilled to be a part of the historic event, stating that although not all women opt to breastfeed their children, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be possible for everyone that identifies as a woman.

“We are happy that the patient shared her experience with us, and we are happy to help our patients build happy, healthy, transgender families,” said Reisman. “We know that breastfeeding has a lot of benefits. That doesn’t mean that all patients have to want to breastfeed, but for this patient, in particular, it was the right choice and I’m happy we could help,”

Reisman believes that as transgender medicine begins to evolve and be included in mainstream medicine, the possibilities are endless.

“There have been self-reported cases online of transgender woman trying DIY regiments to induce breastfeeding, but this is the first case of induced functional lactation in the academic literature,” Reisman told The Guardian. “Transgender medicine is becoming part of mainstream medicine. We’re getting more evidence-based data, we’re getting more standardized care, we’re getting more reproductive options.”

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