Toronto Hosts Second Bi Arts Festival

Toronto’s Bi Arts Festival became one of the world’s largest gathering of bisexual artists in its first year, and it will be held again this September.

Festival organizer Catherine Jones said that the festival is also for those who fall under the bi ‘umbrella,’ like pansexual, bi-curious, and fluid people. Not only does the event give bi artists a chance to showcase their work, but it also works to help people embrace their sexuality and feel like they’re a part of a community.

Although bisexual people make up the largest segment of the LGBT community, they can often feel ignored, Jones said.

“If we don’t create our spaces, we can’t expect [others] to create the spaces for us … we’re so much quieter about who we are. So, taking these opportunities to be more visible is audacious. That audaciousness allows us to be free,” Eris Eady, a performer at this year’s festival, said to Daily Xtra.  

This year’s festival runs from Sep. 18-23.

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