Suspected Seattle Arsonist: "Homosexuals Should Be Exterminated"

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A confidant of suspected arsonist Musab Masmari turned FBI informant said the motive behind the New Year’s Eve fire at popular Seattle gay club ’Neighbors’ stemmed from Masmari’s "distaste for homosexual people." Further, the informant was concerned that the suspect "may be planning terrorist activity." KIRO 7 reports:

Documents filed in King County Superior Court say that Masmari, 30, told a friend who is a member of the local Muslim community that "homosexuals should be exterminated." The friend-turned-informant contacted the FBI.

The unnamed informant first met Masmari shortly after the New Year’s Eve fire at Neighbours. In the short time that they were friends, the informant said the Masmari often expressed a "distaste for homosexual people," and that he (Masmari) had "obtained a rifle." The informant said concerns that Masmari potentially "may be planning some terrorist activity" because he spoke of "something he’s planning" drove him to contact the FBI.

Masmari was arrested Feb. 1 just before he planned to flee the United States with a one-way ticket to Turkey. According to Gay Star News, Musmari was carrying his Libyan passport and $342 in cash when he was arrested in Bellevue, Wash.

On Tuesday, Feb. 4, a King County judge set bail at $1 million saying Musmari is a flight risk and cited pending outcomes with recent troubles with the law.

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