Study Says Bi Women and Lesbians are Poorest Financially

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A new study revealed that when the sexual orientations groups compare financially — LGBT people have it bad, but bisexual women and lesbians have it the worst.

Published to the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, the study followed 14,000 young people of all sexualities. These youths were between seventh and 12th grade in 1994 and were followed until 2008 and 2009.

After the study concluded, authors discovered in addition to bi and lesbian women being the poorest among sexualities, black and hispanic bi and lesbian women in particular were the least likely groups to own homes.

Additionally, they found that bi and lesbian women were also less likely to graduate from college, earn less money and were more likely to be on the poverty line than heterosexual people.

LGBT women could potentially face less financial inequality by “promoting the achievement of sexual minority girls and young women,” according to the study authors.

Among the financial struggles of bi and lesbian women, the study also found the LGBT community were less likely to own a house than their straight counterparts. 

Men generally fared better financially regardless of their sexuality; gay and bi men were more likely to have gone to college than straight people. 

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