Study Finds Men in Same-Sex Marriages Break Up Less Than Opposite-Sex Marriages

Male same-sex marriages are staying together more often than their straight counterparts.

The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law studied 515 relationships in Vermont over a 12-year span, according to PinkNews. The study also found women in same-sex couples were overall the most likely to split, according to the study.

“Other studies on heterosexual couples have found that women have higher standards for relationship quality than men,” professor and study author Esther Rothblum said. “We suspect that similar dynamics may be at play with the lesbian couples in our study, leading to the higher dissolution rate.”

The study found that 29.3 percent of female same-sex marriages, 18.6 percent of straight marriages and 14.5 percent of male same-sex marriages split up. The study found that the break-up status was not affected by whether the relationship was legalized.

Having children also had no effect on breakups, as well as the financial status of the couple.

According to the study, each year of relationship length for all couples reduced the odds of a breakup by nine percent. As for other factors, each year of age together lowered breakup chances by two percent and better quality relationships reduced breakups by 61 percent.

“By following the same demographically-matched couples over a 12-year period, we identified both similarities and differences in relationship dissolution according to sexual orientation and gender,” study co-author and clinical psychologist Kimberly Balsam said. “This kind of research is crucial in combating stereotypes about same-sex couples and can inform policy and program development to support healthy relationships for all couples.

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