Robert Van Damme ‘Not Wanted for Murder’

Source Denies Rumor; Arrest Devolves into He-Said, She-Said Spat

A source close to “Robert van Damme,” the imprisoned gay-sex icon—is denying rumors that the world-famous porn star is wanted for murder in his native Czech Republic. But the source, who asked not to be named, acknowledged that van Damme may be sought in that country for questioning in a theft case.

On May 25, SFGN reported that van Damme had been arrested in Orange County, California, for alleged domestic violence and contempt of court. SFGN further revealed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had placed a federal detainer on van Damme, in effect preventing him from posting bond. The story generated a flurry of comments on SFGN’s site, including several written in Czechoslovakian. Rumors swirled about whether van Damme was wanted in the Czech Republic on grave criminal charges—rumors that an ICE spokeswoman declined to comment on.


As the reports of the arrest spread to Queerty and other gay sites, van Damme released a detailed statement alleging he was the victim of a plot by his wife, Mimi Letuska, to steal his money, expel him from the country, and arrogate his porn production company, RVD Films.

In a statement published on, van Damme admitted that a yelling match had broken out with his wife after his late-night return from a hockey game in which he had suffered a broken nose. As the fight escalated, van Damme said that his wife picked up a lamp and hit him in the nose. “The intense pain was immediate and I reacted by trying to get her away from me,” he said. “My right hand hit behind me and the edge of my fingertips hit the corner of her mouth. I did not mean to hit her.” van Damme alleged that his wife, after his arrest on a charge of domestic violence, forced him out of his production company, froze his credit card, and revoked support for his immigration status—paving the way for possible deportation.

“There is no excuse for ever hitting someone, much less a woman,” van Damme said. “However now I feel that I am the victim of a terrible plot to steal my money and company.”

His wife, Mimi Letuska, retaliated with her own statement to, in which she sharply contradicted her husband’s account. She admitted that van Damme, on the night in question, had come home with a broken nose—which, she added, had left no visible wound. But she told a different story of how the fight unfolded. She alleged her husband had become bothered, and then irate, over her daughters exchanging text messages in the house. According to his wife, van Damme stormed into the daughters’ room; after he smashed their cellphones against a wall, Letuska said she begged van Damme to leave. “I never struck him. I was afraid of him. He is a 6-foot-1 bodybuilder,” she said—alleging further that he had shown no immediate remorse, that he had been violent throughout their four-year marriage, and that he had violated a restraining order following the fight.

Letuska denied any conspiracy to take over his porn production company. “... There is no RVD Films anymore,” she said. “Obviously, RVD Films was Robert Van Damme. He was the personality, the celebrity. I only handled all administrative duties. Robert ruined his own business.”