Queer Bites for the Week of July 12, 2017

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Check out the latest in lesbian, bisexual and transgender news!


Lesbian - Supreme Court Declines to Rehear Gay Discrimination Case

(AP) The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta on Thursday denied a full-court rehearing of the case of Jameka Evans, who had sued Georgia Regional Hospital in Savannah, Georgia, saying she faced discrimination and was effectively forced out of her security guard job because she’s a lesbian.

Greg Nevins, a lawyer for the LGBTQ rights group Lambda Legal who represents Evans, said the group plans to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. But there is no guarantee the court will take on the issue.

A three-judge panel of the 11th Circuit ruled 2-1 in March that the 1964 Civil Rights Act doesn’t protect against workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation. That ruling was in line with decisions by other federal appeals courts over the past four decades.

A few weeks later, in early April, the full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago reached the opposite conclusion in a case filed by a former part-time instructor who said an Indiana community college didn’t hire her full time because she is a lesbian. The court stated decisively that the 53-year-old law’s protections apply to gay and lesbian workers just as they prohibit discrimination based on race, religion or national origin.


Bisexual - Tyler the Creator Came Out (Again) on New Album

(SFGN) Tyler the Creator’s latest album “Scum Fuck Flower Boy” is sparking headlines that the rapper, came out as bisexual or gay in the album’s lyrics.

On “I Ain’t Got Time” Tyler raps,

Next line I'll have em' like woah, / I've been kissing white boys since 2004.

In 2011, the LA rapper and cofounder of Odd Future used the word ‘faggot' a total of 213 times on his debut album “Goblin,” prompting some to call the artist homophobic.

But the Independent reported the artist has come out before, tweeting in April of 2015:

And that may just be the response Tyler is looking for, for his sexuality to be a non issue.

GQ reported Tyler put out his own gay pride clothing line in 2015, appropriating white supremacist symbolism in the logo. He even featured himself, holding hands with a ‘white boy’ in the promo photo on Tumblr.

In July of 2016 after a restless night, Tyler tweeted out some artwork to fans, including the rainbow silhouette of a man peeking out of a closet, with a speech bubble asking “is it safe?”

And in a 2014 interview with Larry King, when asked whether he thought there could be an openly gay rapper Tyler answered King "Maybe one day...but why does that shit matter? Like, if he wanna fuck dudes or whatever, why does that matter? Why do we care? That's so crazy right?"


Transgender - 4th Circuit Will Hear Gavin Grimm Case in September

(SFGN) The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals announced it will hear arguments in Gavin Grimm vs. Gloucester County School Board on Sept. 12. Grimm is suing the School Board for its policy banning transgender students from using restrooms that match their gender identity, Metro Weekly reported.

Grimm posted the article on Facebook saying “Update on my case! The 4th Circuit has announced the date for oral arguments: September 12. #crossyourfingers #StandWithGavin,”

According to the report, because Grimm graduated from Gloucester High School last month, the court will consider whether to dismiss the lawsuit on the basis that, as a former student, Grimm is no longer experiencing any “injury.” The court will also hear arguments revolving around whether Grimm has the right to sue for sex discrimination under Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972.

The case was scheduled to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court March, but was sent back to the lower court after the Trump administration rescinded Obama-era protections for transgender students in February. Lawyers attempted to convince the 4th District panel to hear the case in May before Grimm graduated but the request was denied in April.

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