Preacher Blames Hurricane Isaac on Gays

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John McTernan

New Orleans is preparing to face Hurricane Isaac and one online chaplain thinks the possibility of a second natural disaster to hit the city in seven years is no coincidence: It’s judgment day for gays.

Author and online chaplain John McTernan wrote on his website, Defend and Proclaim The Faith, that the storm is the final warning for gays to rectify their ways, as first reported by Gay Star News.

“The church, city and nation have not repented and the homosexual agenda is far worse than it was in 2005,” he wrote, adding that the fact two hurricanes are striking New Orleans seven years apart is “biblically important” as God created the universe in seven days.

“New Orleans is still hosting Southern Decadence with open homosexuality manifesting in the streets of the city.It could be that God is putting an end to this city and its wickedness.”

Southern Decadence is a gay event planned for Wednesday, Aug. 29. Isaac, a category one storm, is expected to hit the coast of Louisiana later on Tuesday or early on Wednesday.

“Let’s all watch this very closely, because if New Orleans is destroyed, it is a sure sign that the final judgment for the national sin of America has arrived,” McTernan concluded.

This is not the first time this week that religious extremist groups have made headlines. Reverend Jesten Peters of Keys of Authority Ministries told the Christian Broadcasting Network that her organization successfully “prayed Isaac away” from Tampa, preventing it from affecting the Republican National Convention.

Watch Peters talk about it: