Polls Show National Approval for Same-Sex Marriage at New Highs

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Protestants came in at their highest, 55 percent, and Republicans at theirs, 47, in support of same-sex marriage during Gallup’s annual Values and Benefits poll conducted May 3 – 7.  The specific question, as worded by the Gallup poll pertains as to whether same-sex marriage “should be recognized by the law as valid,” compared to similar polls that ask whether a person is in favor of same-sex marriage, leaving the question up for moral interpretation, versus legal.

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Overall 64 percent of those polled said they believed that marriage between same-sex couples should be recognized by law, a steady increase from last year’s 61 percent.

The data was collected from a sample size of 1,011 people living across 50 states within the U.S. and was collected via landline or cell phone survey.


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