Pete Buttigieg Chokes Up While Talking to Child About Gun Control

Pete Buttigieg Via Facebook

(EDGE) South Bend, Ind. mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg was recorded Sunday while speaking with a second grader in Austin, Texas about gun control and getting emotional while doing so.

During a campaign event in the city, the young student asked what Buttigieg would do to make schools safer. His answer was videotaped and quickly went viral on Twitter, Newsweek reports.
"It's not normal, it's not ok, and we owe it to you, we owe it to anybody who's in school, and for that matter their teachers, who we love and want to be safe, to make sure that safety is there," he said. "To me, that means making sure that we take a whole bunch of steps in terms of what it takes to get a gun, that we make it harder for somebody who is dangerous to get a gun or somebody who is ill or somebody that has a history of harming the people they love."
"It means we've got to change what kinds of weapons people can get," Buttigieg added.
He went on to say that being a military veteran he knows a lot about "some" of the weapons people have used in mass shootings, saying those types of firearms "don't belong anywhere near an American school."
Newsweek points out that Buttigieg's campaign policy when it comes to gun control includes mandatory universal background checks for people who want to buy a gun, banning military-style assault weapons and to launch a nationwide system for gun licensing. 
Watch the video below.