PA Gay Man Accused of Assaulting Prosecutor

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Kamile Ladson, a member of the LGBT community who is accused of assaulting a local prosecutor, is scheduled to go on trial next week.

Ladson, 31, allegedly assaulted Assistant District Attorney Andrei Govorov during an altercation on the Broad Street Subway last winter.

He’s charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and ethnic intimidation, according to court records.

On March 7, Ladson was on his way home after shopping in Center City when the incident with Govorov took place, said his attorney, William D. Hobson.

A group of teenagers were hurling anti-LGBT slurs at Ladson when Govorov boarded the subway at City Hall, Hobson said.

“Kamile is open and proud about his gayness,” Hobson said. “He doesn’t hide it in any way. Unfortunately, that made him a target on the subway.”

According to Hobson, as Govorov boarded the rail car, he allegedly told Ladson to “shut your fucking mouth.”

The attorney said dropping the f-bomb only inflamed matters.

“I don’t know why Mr. Govorov thought uttering an obscenity would calm the situation,” Hobson said. “My client was trying to tell his tormentors that their anti-LGBT tirade was unacceptable. And Mr. Govorov tells him to shut his fucking mouth. How would you feel?”

Hobson added: “When you enter any civil disturbance, you have to exercise due caution.”

He also said Ladson didn’t realize Govorov was a prosecutor.

Govorov had no comment for this story.

When Govorov was departing the rail car at the Fairmount station, a scuffle with Ladson ensued, Hobson said.

According to published accounts, Govorov suffered a mild concussion and a scraped leg and his suit was ruined.

Hobson said he hasn’t seen evidence that Govorov suffered a concussion of any type.

“I see no evidence of a concussion in the medical records I’ve received.”

Hobson suggested that any wounds Govorov suffered during the incident “appear to be superficial.”

The attorney said his client was “overcharged” due to Govorov’s status as a prosecutor, and he faces a lengthy prison term if convicted on all charges.

Hobson also expressed concern about the investigation conducted by police.

“Key witnesses at the scene weren’t interviewed by police,” he said. “After Mr. Govorov identified himself as an assistant district attorney, he was treated with kid gloves and my client was deemed automatically guilty.”

He said Ladson spent about three weeks in jail prior to being released on bail.

He said Ladson has no history of violent behavior and doesn’t pose a threat to society.

To avoid a conflict, the state Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting the case rather than the local D.A.’s office, Hobson said.

Efforts to resolve the matter through a plea deal have been unsuccessful, he added.

Hobson wanted his client admitted into a probationary program. But authorities declined to accept the proposal, he said.

“My client isn’t a danger to society,” Hobson concluded. “Admitting him into the program would be the reasonable, fair and right thing to do.”

He said a fundraiser to help defray Ladson’s legal expenses is set for 9 p.m. Nov. 8 at Ms. Tootsie’s Lounge, 1312 S. Broad St.

Jury selection will begin 9 a.m. Nov. 14 in Courtroom 805 of the Criminal Justice Center.

Common Pleas Judge Michael E. Erdos is scheduled to preside.

From our media partner PGN-The Philadelphia Gay News.

Timothy Cwiek

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