Opening Line for Apr. 20, 2016

Florida Man Changes Name To Bruce Jenner To Preserve 'Heterosexual Roots'

David Elijah What an empty life this dude must have.

Greg Kanter Why not have him box Caitlyn for it on a very special episode?

Neal Upright She is dating men, so it is hetero.


Bernie Sanders Raises Money Against Gay Congressional Candidates

Vincent Zeteliano Just like women who don't vote with their vaginas, I won't vote for a candidate with my gay-penis. Bernie needs people in Congress to get things done with him. I'll be voting for whoever Bernie tells me too. #feelthebern

Jessie Colt I do not vote for someone just because they are gay or lesbian. That is the same as voting for someone just because they are male, or just because they are republican or democrat. As a lesbian, I have no plans on voting for Hillary, but I do plan on voting for Bernie. Does this make me a traitor to other women? No. I know both of their stances, voting records, and political history, and I trust Bernie far more than I trust Hillary.

Vincent Jv Gay, Straight, Trans, Black, Yellow, White etc. does not matter. What matters is getting the job DONE with out one's own agenda or biased opinions…Peace out!


HBO Documentary Erases Anderson Cooper's Sexuality

Mons Floen 2/3 boring. I was very confused about them not discussing him being gay. They talk about everything, including his other siblings, but not him being a very out and visible gay man. So weird.

Luis M. Santiago Vega Because the more conversation we encourage, the better understanding will flourish. And I don’t think DICK has anything to do with this conversation.

Carl Szulczynski I still don't feel that Anderson has fully embraced his sexuality with full confidence. Sad really, considering he grew up around more gay people than a litter of mice in a gay bar.




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