Obama’s ‘Organizing for Action’ Group Pushes for Gay Marriage in Illinois

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Organizing for Action, a group formed to generate support for President Obama’s legislative priorities in Congress, has pledged its support to help pass gay marriage in Illinois.

In an e-mail to the Chicago Tribune, OFA’s National Director of Issue Campaigns Lindsay Siler said the organization heard the importance of the issue and sprang to action.

“We’ve heard from OFA supporters here in Illinois that this issue matters to you,” Siler wrote. “That’s why we’re teaming up with Illinois Unites for Marriage —a joint project of ACLU Illinois, Equality Illinois, and Lambda Legal — to add our voices to this fight.”

Rep. Greg Harris, chief sponsor of the legislation in the Illinois House, welcomed the assistance.

“I think this will remind people that the president of the United States changed his mind on marriage,” Harris told the Tribune. “I’m so glad that he’s changed his mind. It’s what a lot of people are doing.”

John Aravosis, a gay blogger, wrote on AmericaBlog that OFA’s involvement is “important symbolically and substantively.”

“It matters that an organization created … by President Obama is fighting for gay marriage in a state where black voters are being barraged with anti-gay messages,” Aravosis wrote.

Rep. Harris said citizens of Illinois will listen to both sides of the argument, but he knows they will side with the changing tide of support in favor of same-sex marriages.

“are going to come to the same conclusion the majority of Americans have in that this is the fair thing for government to do — to treat all people equally.” Ryan Dixon

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