NH Teen Arrested In Connection With Threats To Gay Bars

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(EDGE) Police have placed a 16-year-old male under arrest in New Hampshire in connection with threatening calls made to two gay bars in Boston, multiple media sources report.

As reported two weeks ago at EDGE, the calls came about 24 hours apart, with the first being received by the manager of dbar in Dorchester on Friday night, Nov. 9 — just two days after a gunman terrorized a country music bar in California and killed a dozen people, including a security guard. The caller threatened to "shoot the place up," according to the establishment's owner.

One of the most lethal mass shootings in American history took place at a gay bar, Pulse, in Orlando, Florida - a tragedy of which the LGBTQ community remains acutely conscious.

The second call was placed to the Alley Bar in Boston on the following night, Saturday, Nov. 10. Police were able to trace the call back to a landline in the nearby Massachusetts town of Peabody, and from there they closed in on a teenager from Hampton, New Hampshire, ABC News reported.

The teen was not named due to his status as a minor, but the police issued a statement saying that he had already been wanted for "threats with public alarm and civil rights violations."

The manager at The Alley Bar, Rocco LaMonica, expressed hope to the media that the teen can be guided back to being a productive member of society, reported local newspaper the Boston Herald.

"Nobody wants to prosecute someone and ruin someone's life," the Herald article quoted LaMonica as saying. "Hopefully maybe this way, of talking to them, seeing we're not the enemy, they'll see it's okay to be who you are."

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