National Campaign Showcases Stories of Transgender Kids

Photo courtesy of The GenderCool Project.

A group of transgender kids became the faces of an organization looking to give other children support and resources.

The GenderCool Project was formed by parent Jen Grosshandler and transgender woman Gearah Goldstein to provide examples of transgender children making a positive impact, according to the New York Times. The group aims to get rid of the bias of negative stereotypes that surround the transgender community.

“Our mission is to just get rid of the stigmas and just live our lives,” Nicole, one of the participants in the group, said to the Times. “And that’s what everybody else is doing. So my question to the world is: ‘Why can’t we? Why should we not?’”

Grosshandler and Goldstein introduced the campaign in February after Trump rolled back background protections in schools, according to the Times.

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