Minnesota Vikings Player Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage

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Another football player mans up and comes out for marriage equality.

Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe wrote a long letter asking people to vote against a state ballot initiative that would change the law to define marriage only as the union between a man and a woman, much like DOMA.

“Gay people are not monsters. They're everyday people just like you and I, with all that entails … Sadly, gay people are still forbidden the basic civil and relationship rights of marriage that heterosexuals enjoy, and this amendment would carve that into stone for perpetuity,” Kluwe writes.

He has also participated in video and radio ads for Minnesotans for Equality, a local LGBT organization.

Kluwe told OutSports, website dedicated to LGBT athletes, that he has a gay brother in law who lives in California and would love to legally marry his partner. But he said that it's not just a gay relative that makes him support marriage equality.

"For me, it’s always been about justice and doing what’s right. People should treat each other the way they want to be treated and that’s basically what life boils down to."

OutSports also asked Kluwe if he thinks we’ll see an openly gay NFL player within the next decade.

“I think we will due to the fact that the subject is coming up more and more not just in politics but in sports,” he said.


Earlier this month, Houston Texans linebacker Connor Barwin also approached Outsports to talk about same-sex marriage.

On having a gay brother and gay marriage:

“... I have an older brother [Joe] who is gay. I would like to think I would feel as passionately even if I didn’t [have a gay brother], but obviously that has been an influence on me.

I just embrace diversity and it stems from my parents. I’ve seen how important it is to my brother and have watched how it’s changed over time and how it’s changed in the NFL and how much more people are beginning to understand and accept gay people in all different areas of life …”

On gay NFL players:

“... It’s not talked about. I’ve never had a conversation with any of my teammates about how they would you feel about having a gay teammate. I think right now it would probably be hard for a guy to come out in our locker room just because of the awkwardness. But I think they would be surprised at how welcoming people would be. I think at the end of the day guys care about how you play football, because we’re all so competitive about winning that if there is a guy who comes out as gay in our locker room and he’s a good football player, people aren’t going to care about that. I think that’s the honest truth …”

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