Matthew Moore, Christian Blogger: I Wasn’t Looking for Sex on Grindr

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Matthew Moore, the 24-year-old "ex-gay" evangelical Christian blogger, made headlines earlier this year when he was caught cruising the gay hookup app Grindr. In a new interview, he claims he wasn’t looking to have sex, but was seeking out men in New Orleans to take him to gay bars.

"Basically I just wanted to see who was on it and who was around me," Moore, a blogger for the Christian Post who wrote that homosexuality is a sin, told Michelangelo Signorile on his SiriusXM radio program. "I can honestly say that I didn’t have any kind of sexual conversations with anyone. Anyone who sent me any kind of explicit photos or conversations, I blocked immediately," he continued.

"The first time I got on it, I wanted to go out and I wanted to go to the gay bars in New Orleans. So I was trying to meet someone on there to basically tag along with. That was the reason I was originally on it."

Moore said he wasn’t able to meet anyone after blogger Zinnia Jones exposed him by posting screenshots of his Grindr profile and links to his controversial blog posts. Though he has been labeled as an "ex-gay," he denies being involved with the movement and says doesn’t not support reparative therapy, which some believe can turn gay men and women straight.

"I want to clarify some things," he said. "I think the way the articles were written, they’re based on the assumption that when I became a Christian, I became straight and that I did not have homosexual feelings anymore and that my presence on Grindr was pointing out that I basically lied. I had never, ever said any of those things."

Even though Moore refutes his "ex-gay" title, the young man wrote a lengthy piece for the Christian Post last year, called "My Story: Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Grace and Redemption." In it, he writes how Christianity has helped him in his struggle to leave his gay lifestyle.

"I can, in truth, firmly say that the longer I keep turning away from my homosexual desires, the less in strength they become," Moore wrote for the publication. In August, however, Moore wrote that he was still having urges to have sex with men. "Although I have same sex thoughts on a daily basis, I do not, in any way, feel compelled to ever return to a lifestyle of homosexuality," he wrote.

It seems Moore has been having a difficult time coming to terms and continues to struggle with his sexuality; shortly after he was exposed, he said he got rid of his computer in order to "prevent giving into temptation" again.

"I have sold my computer and have had someone put a lock on my phone where I cannot download apps or access the Internet through a non-filtered browser," Moore told the Post. "Ultimately, this isn’t the solution. My heart being captured by the grace of God and brought into humble obedience is the solution. But not taking precautions is dumb, so these are the precautions I have taken."

Moore, who was once "out" and had boyfriends until he became an evangelical Christian in 2010, told Signorile he is still attracted to men. He added, however, he is trying to refrain from having sexual relations with men because of his religious beliefs.

When he was asked if he wants people to follow his path, Moore said, "I do believe it’s the truth, so, honestly, yes. I stopped going out to gay bars and stuff like that. Most of the relationships that I did have did cease. And I had not been on Grindr or any kind of gay social network until January of this year."

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