Married Lesbian Couple Kidnapped, Tortured and Raped, Indiana Police Say

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(EDGE) A married lesbian couple in Indianapolis, Indiana managed to escape their captors after being kidnapped and beaten. One of the women was raped, police say, according to a report by the Indianapolis Star.

The accused captors - Kenneth A. Braswell, 32; Thomas J. Bell, 26; and Jose Nieves, 35; now face several felony charges in connection with the kidnapping and beating of the women in an east-side Indianapolis home. According to Fox 59, which cites court documents, the three men have been charged with a total of 26 counts, including rape, criminal confinement, kidnapping, possession of meth and batter by means of a deadly weapon. A fourth suspect, Melissa Richards, 29, was charged with multiple counts of criminal confinement and battery, according to

According to an affidavit obtained by Fox 59, the women said they came to Indianapolis on Nov. 10 to do heroin at a woman's house. One of the women borrowed a car from a third woman at the scene, but when she failed to return the vehicle on time, the owner became upset. She allegedly told her, "I'm keeping your wife until I get my car back."

The woman at the house told police the woman then hit her in the head and pushed the barrel of a gun into her forehead while the other men tied her hands and feet with duct tape. She also said she was raped, according to the documents.

When her wife returned to the house, the women were moved to the basement where they were assaulted and were kept without access to food or water.

"I didn't know if she was alive anymore," one of the women said in her affidavit. 

Four days after being kidnapped, the women were put in a car where they say they heard Nieves talk about taking them somewhere to kill them. The car got a flat tire, however, and while the alleged captors stopped at a gas station, the women asked to use the bathroom. Inside the store, they told a clerk to call the police and then locked themselves in the bathroom until authorities arrived.

When police searched the house, they found guns, bloody sweatpants and a "Large blood puddle" in the basement.

A jury trial for the three men is scheduled for Jan. 22.

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