LBT Bites: Three Reported Trans Murders So Far in 2017, Author of ‘Goodnight Moon’ was Bisexual & More!

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Check out the latest in lesbian, bisexual and transgender news!

Carry Your Favorite Lesbian Pick-Up Bar in Your Pocket

(SFGN) Entrepreneur Liz James was motivated by the disappearance of her favorite lesbian bars when she created the new dating app Click, according to Curve magazine

“Lesbian bars have almost completely disappeared due to gentrification, mainstreaming, the internet culture and a shift in how we identify with more fluid gender identities becoming the norm rather than the exception,” James told Curve. “A lot of women grew up in these bars. Nowadays there are some great events to go to, but nothing permanent, to just go and hang out.”

The dating app is modeled after these vanishing bars, the homepage features a door with a neon sign that reads “Open 24/7.”

“It’s more a venue than an app, a place where the whole community can relax and meet, no matter how they identify. We expect women will come to Click for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to make friends, find a date, or just have a chat,” said James, who founded online lesbian dating site ten years ago. 

“Click is purposely different to PinkSofa with a freemium business model to encourage greater community take-up. It’s hard to build a thriving community if you shut the gate on those who don’t pay,” said James about the apps pay-structure.

Click is available now via iTunes.


Author of ‘Goodnight Moon’ was Bisexual

(SFGN) Margaret Wise Brown, author of the children’s classic “Goodnight Moon” is the subject of a new biography “In the Great Green Room” by Amy Gary, the New York Post reports. Gary discovered a wealth of Brown’s unpublished works, diaries and letters and has dedicated her career to sharing Brown’s life and works with others. Among the personal details revealed are some regarding Brown’s tumultuous love life.

She never married, had relationships with several men and at least one woman, Blanche Oelrichs.  Oelrichs was married, 20 years Brown’s senior, and a socialite turned feminist poet who went by the name Michael Strange.  The relationship, while on again off again, lasted over several years until Oelrich’s death.  The story, “Goodnight Moon” was originally conceived as “Goodnight Room” during one of the couples’ break-ups, and was reimagined as “Goodnight Moon” once they were back together.

Brown had one more relationship after Oelrich, this time with James Rockefeller, who proposed marriage. But Brown passed from surgery complications before the two could marry. 

“In the Great Green Room: The Brilliant and Bold Life of Margaret Wise Brown” is available Jan. 10, $12.99 on kindle, and starting at $23.00 on Amazon.


Three Transgender Murders Reported in the First Two Weeks of 2017

(SFGN) Mesha Caldwell, a black transgender woman, was found shot to death in Madison County Mississippi on Jan. 4, LGBTQ Nation reports.  Caldwell’s is the first reported transgender murder in the U.S. for 2017. Few details about the case have been released thus far. Friends and family told reporters that Caldwell, 41 was a hair and makeup artist, well-known in her community.

Lawmakers in Mississippi passed a law to protect religious beliefs including that gender is determined by birth and cannot be altered. The law has since been blocked by a district judge and Attorney General Jim Hood has declined an appeal of the decision.

Jan. 6, a transgender woman in South Dakota was found dead in her apartment in an apparent homicide, KSFY reported.  The victim, Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, 28, identified as two-spirit and was originally from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, according to Sioux Falls Two-Spirit and Allies. 

“She is the type of person that when she talks people stop to listen,” Youth Outreach Director Reina Parker told the Argus Leader. “The impact she leaves on people after meeting her once is something nobody forgets.”

A third transgender death was reported on Jan. 8, this time the incident was officer-involved. Pennsylvania transgender man Sean Hake, was killed by police responding to a domestic violence call, WKBN reports. “He had a genuinely good heart and he had struggled with his problems,” a friend told WKBN. “But he always made sure that he was there for other people.”

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