Over the years same-sex marriage opponents have argued against marriage equality accused judges of being “activist judges” for endorsing the rights of the LGBT community.

But are these judges really activists when it comes to marriage equality? Not really. If you compare gay marriage polls through the years to interracial marriage polls it’s clear that these judges who are ruling in favor gay marriage equality are anything but activists.

In 1967 when the Supreme Court overruled state laws banning interracial marriage, not even 20 percent of American’s approved of interracial marriage. In fact only about 56 percent of the black community approved of interracial marriage according to Gallup.

By comparison last year when section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act was overturned 54 percent of American’s were in favor of marriage equality with 43 percent opposed. The Supreme Court waited until a majority of American’s were in favor of marriage equality before they struck a huge obstacle to same-sex marriage. And it will most likely be at least another year before they have the opportunity to overturn gay marriage across the country — if they choose to do so.

The two charts below show the changing public’s attitude to both interracial marriage and gay marriage and shows that these judges are anything but activists.