New Study Shows Gay Teens Are Bullied Less as They Get Older

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CHICAGO (AP) - A new long-term study suggests bullying of gay, lesbian and bisexual teens subsides as they get older.

The seven-year study in England also finds that young gay men have it worse than their lesbian peers.

The teens were questioned yearly through 2010, until they were 19 and 20 years old. At the start, just over half of the gay, lesbian and bisexual teens said they had been bullied. By 2010 that dropped to 9 percent of gay and bisexual boys and 6 percent of lesbian and bisexual girls.

Still, by ages 19 and 20, gay young men were almost four times more likely to be bullied than their straight peers.

One of the study's co-authors notes another factor in the results. He says what he calls a "sea change" in cultural acceptance of gays and growing intolerance for bullying occurred during the study years.

The study is in the journal Pediatrics.

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