Insurers in Vermont Will Now Cover Gender Reassignment Surgery

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A new policy making it mandatory for health insurance providers to cover the cost of procedures for transgender people, including, gender-reassignment surgery, has gone into effect in Vermont.

Vermont Department of Financial Regulation’s Division of Insurance said in a bulletin that it “is committed to ensuring that Vermonters do not face discrimination in accessing medically necessary health care benefits, including those based on gender identity and gender dysphoria,” as first reported by the Rutland Herald.

The measure will make it easier for transgender people to undergo their desired transition. Health care costs have posed a barrier for a community where 15 percent of its members make less than $10,000 a year, according to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

“This is both a simple question of fairness and a matter addressed by existing insurance law and DFR regulation,” the DFR bulletin added.

California, Colorado, Oregon and the District of Columbia already have similar policies.

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Vermont Requires Insurers To Cover Transgender Healthcare Needs by Sergio Nahuel Candido

Sergio N. Candido

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