Illinois Gay Marriage Battle Continues to Escalate

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Illinois Senator talks gay son, marriage bill

If Illinois Senator William Delgado had an evolution on LGBT rights, it happened decades ago, before he sponsored the equal marriage bill, before he stood up on Valentine's Day and told his anti-gay colleagues that they sounded like they were straight out of an 1865 debate on slavery.

For 2nd district rep., the debate on equal marriage in Illinois is personal.

Delgado's son, Rubén, came out to him at age 17. Ten years later, in June 2010, Rubén died unexpectedly after health problems that Delgado prefers not to discuss.

Delgado has been picking up the pieces ever since, mourning a son who he not only loved but felt could have improved his community.

Sandack affirms 'yes' on equal marriage at protests

Anti-gay protesters in Downers Grove more than doubled LGBTs and allies at a rally outside Rep. Ron Sandack's office May 4, but the Republican told crowds that his vote on the state's equal marriage bill was a firm "yes."

More than 200 rallied against SB10, which would legalize same-sex marriage, in a demonstration organized by the Illinois Family Institute (IFI), an anti-gay group working against the bill.

Approximately 75 equal marriage supporters attended a counter protest organized by The Civil Rights Agenda and Gay Liberation Network.

The demonstration was the third face off between opposing sides in three weeks. IFI has scheduled demonstrations against wavering reps. every week. LGBT groups have scrambled to assemble opposition to those demonstrations.

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