Former Boy Scouts kick off Pride Week at SDSU

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San Diego, CA (KSWB) -- Two openly gay Eagle Scouts participated in the rainbow flag raising ceremony at San Diego State University Wednesday, kicking off San Diego Pride Week.

Michael Lobo and Reece Sealock, both former Boy Scouts, raised the rainbow flag below the State and American flags and said this year's gay pride week marks a special time given last month's Supreme Court strike down of the Defense of Marriage Act.

"It felt good to stand for something that I hadn't had the opportunity to stand for," said Sealock.

But as they raised the LGBT flag with pride, feelings of rejection are still strong.

In May, Boys Scouts of America's national council passed a resolution to begin allowing openly gay youth, but not openly gay adults or leaders like Lobo and Sealock, both decorated Scouts.

"This is why I think the topic is still so relevant and important. Its not really encouraging young Scouts to come out, it's really penalizing them if they do later on," Sealock said.

"If they lifted the ban of all LGBT kids and adults, I would be back in a heart beat," said Lobo.

Both Lobo and Sealock are planning to march in this weekend's Gay Pride Parade in San Diego in their Boy Scouts uniform and have asked for support from Boy Scouts of America.

They said they were still waiting for a response when interviewed Wednesday afternoon.

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