Exxon Mobil Hit with LGBT Workplace Discrimination Complaint

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Oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil is the target of an LGBT Illinois workplace discrimination complaint filed May 22, after an LGBT organization uncovered alleged hiring bias.

Freedom to Work, a national LGBT organization, has hit the company with a complaint for allegedly favoring non-LGBT job applicants over LGBT candidates.

Freedom to Work sent Exxon Mobil two "test" resumes for fictitious candidates. One resume, which boasted better qualifications, identified the applicant as LGBT.

"Exxon responded by treating the better-qualified LGBT applicant far worse than the less qualified non-LGBT applicant," Freedom to work said in a statement. "On three occasions, Exxon contacted the non-LGBT and less-qualified candidate for an interview and Exxon even suggested that it would hold open the job for the non-LGBT applicant. The better qualified LGBT candidate was never contacted by Exxon about the position."

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