D.C. Court Rules Against Gay Marriage Ban Proponents

Gay Marriage in DC Moves Forward

The Superior Court of the District of Columbia today found in favor of the DC Board of Elections and Ethics which refused to put an anti-gay initiative on the ballot.  D.C. Superior Court Judge Judith N. Macaluso said the board's action was justified because the initiative, which sought to define marriage in the District as between one man and one woman, violated the city’s 1977 Human Rights Act, which prohibits such discrimination.


"It is clear that a community cannot by initiative authorize discrimination as a matter of government policy." -- Judge Maculuso's decision reads, quoting from a DC committee report.

The District of Columbia City Council passed a bill last month that would allow same-sex couples marry. The law, which is pending a period of review by Congress, will take effect 30 legislative days from Monday, January 11, 2010.

Read the court's full ruling.

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