DC Confirms Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as Married in Video Game Prequel

Photo: DC Comics

Fans have long-wondered whether the two villainous women were smitten, but now the answer is canonically confirmed.

In DC’s comic book issue #70 of “Injustice 2” — prequel to the fighting video game of the same name — two members of Suicide Squad were getting married. During the wedding, Poison Ivy calls back to a night she shared with Harley Quinn in Las Vegas.

The flashback shows the pair meeting up with an Elvis impersonator with the implication they are getting married at the Graceland Wedding Chapel.

Prior to this, the couple’s romance was implied very heavily in the comic book series. This is the first time in the series that it is made explicit.

“Batman” writer Paul Dini and director Bruce Timm have previously stated they always had the intention of making the pair more than just friends, hinting at a “special relationship” in 1999 comics, according to Gay Star News.

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