Customers Stand Up to Anti-Gay Yelp Review of Massachusetts Café

Nino Barbalance, owner of Caffe Zia Gianna (Courtesy / Facebook)

An anti-gay review written by a Yelp user steamed at a café's rainbow flag has sparked a spectrum of support for the Dorchester, Massachusetts, establishment, reported local newspaper the Dorchester Reporter

The flag is a small tasseled patch of cloth that hangs in window of Café Zia Gianna, as can be seen in a photo accompanying the Dorchester Reporter story, but that was evidently too much for a homophobe who took to Yelp to trash the cafe over not only the display of the small flag, but the establishment's staff - which, the vitriolic diatribe claimed, lacks Italian American representation.

The Yelp poster declared that the café's symbol of diversity and inclusion "should be considered treason against our Nation and our Italian Heritage and against Nature and should be punishable as a crime," the article reported.

Moreover, the post's author maintained that though owner Nino Barbalance himself hails from Sicily and only recently became an American citizen, "when you delve deeper to see the real customer base here, it's clearly geared and catered ONLY to those who rally behind the rainbow flag."

The café's clientele disagreed, with some taking to Twitter to post their support.



Barbalance made a point of re-posting the Yelp review to Zia Gianna's Facebook page even after the Yelp comment was taken down, The Huffington Post reported. Along with the critics' jeremiad, Barbalance offered classy words of conciliation.

"All are welcome at Zia Gianna, even this gentleman," Barbalance posted. "We'd love to show him some kindness form the LGBTQ community because love always wins."

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