Conservatives Fight Facebook’s Equality Support with Blue Crosses

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As the Marietta Daily Journal reports, students at Walton High School have started changing their profile pictures to a blue Christian cross as a way to express their support for what they believe to be the biblical definition of marriage.

HRC's HRC's red equality sign.

The initiative comes as a result of the HRC urging Facebook users to change their profile photos to red and pink equal signs to show their support for gay marriage in light of the Supreme Court cases on March 26 and 27.

According to Facebook data, about 2.7 million people charged their profile photos to red.

Jon Gillooly, a 17-year- student, told the Marietta Daily Journal that the move by religious students has created a confrontation that’s polarizing the student body.

“They get a lot of angry comments and a lot of insults and a lot of bad messages”  she said about students sporting the blue crosses.

“It's really awful. I'm for gay marriage, but I think it's awful that people are so accepting because they're for gay marriage, but then they go on people's profiles and they just hate the people with the blue crosses.”

  Sergio N. Candido

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