Catholic Church Spent $2 Million Against Gay Marriage, Report Says

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As a last resort effort to preserve what they believe to be the sanctity of marriage, the Roman Catholic Church contributed $2 million to unsuccessfully fight gay marriage in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Washington.

According to a report from the Human Rights Campaign, the Catholic Church, through its affiliate Knights of Columbus, spent over $1.3 million trying to get Minnesotans to approve a ban on gay marriage. The Church also spent $100,000 in Maine; $250,000 in Maryland; and $307,000 in Washington.

Despite the cash boost, all their efforts failed and gay marriage triumphed in all four states.

The HRC reports also points out that the National Organization for Marriage, an ultra-conservative religious group close to the Catholic Church, spent more than $5.2 million fighting gay marriage this election.

Anti-gay marriage efforts in the four states totaled $11.3 million.

“The American people went to the polls and affirmed one of the core values of the Roman Catholic Church: the belief that all humans are worthy of dignity, respect, and love,” said HRC President Chad Griffin in a statement.

“The Church and NOM can continue pouring money into discriminating against LGBT people, but the writing is on the wall for their anti-equality agenda. The Roman Catholic hierarchy should be focusing on taking actions that actually improve people’s lives, not spending precious resources on spreading malicious lies aimed at tearing down an entire community of people.”

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