Bobby Blair Back in Business Pushing a New LGBT Penny Stock

Bobby Blair, via YouTube.

Bobby Blair, whose company Multimedia Platforms Worldwide went broke, leaving hundreds of investors out millions of dollars, has secured a new position as the Chief Executive Officer of LifeApps Brands Inc., (OTC PINK:LFAP) ("LifeApps"), which bills itself as an emerging growth digital media company.

The press release promoting his appointment announces that Blair is “a visionary businessman and highly regarded LGBT media pioneer.” The release says nothing about the pending bankruptcy case against him in the Southern District of Florida, where multiple plaintiffs have accused him of gross mismanagement and fraud.

This month, a U.S. District Court Judge is to determine if the bankruptcy case should be dismissed outright, or a U.S. trustee should be appointed. Government attorneys have alleged Blair has been falsely leading them on for over a year, failing to either pay fees due to the court or submit a reasonable reorganization plan that could be accepted. A local attorney skilled in bankruptcy proceedings told SFGN over a year ago, before its report on the failed company, that the reorganization plan would never succeed.

In touting his new position, the press release celebrates Blair’s tennis career as an amateur, and his intent to have LifeApps "meet its goal of becoming the global leader in the lucrative LGBT Digital Media Marketplace.” It uses the exact same words previously promoting the now-defunct MMPW, whose penny stock launched and tanked two years ago.

Unsurprisingly, the new press release takes no notice and makes no mention of Blair’s failed endeavors and collapsed publications, the Agenda, Next, Frontiers, and Columbia FunMaps, the latter of which he had purchased from local businessman Alan Beck.

In the SFGN exclusive, it was revealed that Beck was one of the largest victims of Blair’s bankrupt venture, losing over $458,000.00. He is one of 231 investors from a dozen states that lawyers said lost over $15,000,000 in the MMPW collapse. Blair is the sole defendant in the remaining court proceedings, accused of fraud, deceit, and negligent management, amongst other allegations that have mounted up in over a year’s worth of federal pleadings.

Meanwhile, the press release announcing his new gig as a CEO for Life Apps hypes his real estate experience, his autobiography, and ‘Tennis Life,’ a new site he launched last year. It pointedly avoids any mention of his previous experience with MMPW or its failed stock on the OTC exchange.

The new penny stock, LFAP, was trading at one penny as SFGN went to press on Tuesday. Blair claimed his "vision and passion coupled with an impressive portfolio of business success will lead the company in an exciting new direction for revenue and growth in the coveted LGBT Digital Media Marketplace.”

“It does not surprise me that Blair is covering up his past and the bankruptcy of MMPW,” Beck said. “People are entitled to know the truth."

The complete story of Bobby Blair and his accused fraud can be seen online at

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