After Sparking Outrage, Amazon Removes 'Straight Pride' Pin from Site

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(EDGE) A U.K.-based company removed a controversial "straight pride" pin from its website and from Amazon after some shoppers took issue with the badge, Newsweek reports.

Amazon users found the "Straight Heterosexual Pride Wavy Gold Plated Flag Pin Badge" on the site, which was being sold by a company called 1000 Flags. The pin would set you back about $8 USD. Both 1000 Flags and Amazon have nixed the flag from their sites.

Newsweek reports some users were properly outraged at the flag, leaving one-star reviews and calling it "terrible" and "anti-LGBT." One user reportedly asked if a purchase of the pin "come[s] with a KKK membership?"

Twitter users were quick to poke fun at the "straight pride" pin, pointing out its dull flag colors.

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