11 p.m. Election Update: ‘Great Night’ for LGBT Candidates so Far

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Tammy Baldwin

The night is barely over but already this has become a history making election night for the LGBT community.

Some media outlets have reported that Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin will become the first openly gay U.S. Senator and replacing Baldwin in the House of Representatives is Mark Pocan, another openly gay candidate.

“It’s been a great night so far,” said Denis Dison, Vice-President of Communications of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Institute. “We’re celebrating a humongous win with Tammy Baldwin and for the first time in history an openly gay candidate has followed another openly gay candidate in the House with Mark Pocan.”

While all of the ballots have yet to be counted on the gay marriage questions in Maine, Maryland and Minnesota right now marriage equality is winning in all three states.

Executive Director of Marriage Equality U.S.A., Brian Silva, warns though it’s too early to celebrate.

“Everything is very close,” he said. “Right now we have no predications. We always knew it would be a long tough fight.”

But not all of the news has been good Dison noted. In Delaware both openly gay candidates, Andy Staton and Marie Mayor lost their races.

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