Singer Reflects on Career, Family, Music Industry

Singer Taylor Dayne will perform at The Amp in Pompano Beach on March 17. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

It’s been nearly 30 years since Taylor Dayne first broke onto the charts with “Tell It to My Heart,” and her dance anthem can still be heard in gay clubs. The singer will be coming to The Amp in Pompano Beach this weekend to sing her ‘80s and ‘90s hits, along with new material, in a concert with Billy Ocean.

SFGN spoke with Dayne about her music career, her family and the changes she’s witnessed in the industry:


SFGN: What have you got planned for South Florida audiences?

Dayne: Oh, my goodness, to me, touring and performing is a story you’re telling, with an arc, a beginning, middle and end. The next two years I’m celebrating 30 years of the release of my first album.


How do you explain your longevity in a rapidly changing industry?

I’ve definitely proven I have longevity and tenacity. I keep emerging with new inventions and reinventions. Chi moves and you move with it, from my TED talk and my memoir, all facets of my career that are important to continuing the longevity and legacy of Taylor Dayne.

 It’s also about being a powerful woman and owning who you are.


Many of your fans have grown up with your career, haven’t they?

I find I’ve had a much deeper connection with my audience and my fan base has grown and grown. You can’t deny 25 years in the business and with the internet and social media, we’re so much more involved between fan and audience. There’s a lot more invested by everybody. Aside from the touring, which is a bitch. There’s nothing fun about flying or getting anywhere anymore.


How do you balance touring with raising two teenagers?

It’s a juggle. Emotionally they need me more than ever and yet they’re in that independent stage and want to distance themselves, too. Hello! I always say I’m a mother leaving the nest, yet I hear the birds screaming for me. This is what I was born to do, but I was also born to be their mother. Biologically, you’re programmed and wired.


What changes have you witnessed in the industry over the last 25 years? Is it easier to break out as a musical artist today in the age of YouTube?

It’s better because it’s in the hands of the artist, that’s for sure…but it’s also like television. There are a million cable channels that are all doing great programming. We had three (networks) back then, not a million choices. Thank God, we have DVR and boxes and Apple TV. As an artist, you have a much better shot if you have a platform and a brand. You have the control, but you’d better be a branding and marketing expert, also.


“Tell It to My Heart” made you a gay icon. How important are your LGBT fans?

They’ve been a very loyal and supportive audience and movement for me for 28 years.


What does the future look like for Taylor Dayne?

Hopefully I’ll be sitting behind a New York Times bestseller and on top and be able to get my voice out there in a way that I’m proud of, touring on my own terms…and enjoying the ride. (It’s about) building so you can choose your next project, it’s exciting.


Taylor Dayne appears in concert on Friday, March 17 at 8 p.m.  with Billy Ocean at The Amp, 1806 NE 6th St. in Pompano Beach. Tickets start at $35 at

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