Musician Blood Orange Announces New Album With Pro-Queer Message

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Photo: Instagram.

(EDGE) Dev Hynes, producer and musician who makes smooth jams under the moniker Blood Orange, revealed details about his forthcoming "Freetown Sound" with a pro-black and pro-queer message.

Though he announced the title of his LP in April and the album artwork earlier this month, Hynes took to Twitter Tuesday to reveal "Freetown Sound" will drop July 1. He also tweeted what his album is about.

"My album is for every1 told they're not black enough, 2 black, 2 queer, not queer the right way, the under appreciated, it's a clapback," Hynes wrote. "I've been quiet on twitter e.t.c because it's too noisy for me. I decided if ppl want to hear me it should be through my music, speak soon."

He also posted a handwritten on Instagram.


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