Wilton Manors K-9 Officer Under Review After Video

The Wilton Manors Police Department has re-assigned its K-9 officer in the wake of a video that was posted on Facebook showing the officer yanking on the K-9’s leash.

The video was posted Saturday on Facebook whose online name is DaPastor Yoo. “This man followed me from Sunrise Blvd down powerline just to pull me over for a tint, so why you need to search my car and bring the dog out? Then he get mad at the dog cause he ain’t find nothing!! Wilton Manners Police Department SMDH #LifeOfTheBlackMale”

In the video, the officer walks around the vehicle with the dog. As he walks away from the car, he pulls the chain in a violent, sudden fashion.

In a press release, the WMPD stated, “Our agency is aware of a video involving one of our K-9 officers and his canine partner. Currently the canine partner is in the care of a veterinarian where a medical assessment is being conducted. Furthermore, our agency is conducting a full investigation into this matter and the Officer has been re-assigned from K-9 duties pending this review. As this is an active investigation our agency is unable to provide additional information at this time.”

Asked about the video, Dr. David “Lou” Ferland, executive director of the United States Police Canine Association, said, “I am not sure why the handler did what he did. I would like to hear from the handler to explain why he needed to provide the collar correction or review any type of investigation report into this incident before rendering an opinion.”

On the police department’s Facebook page, others were quicker to render an opinion. Some have called for the officer to be fired.

“He should be FIRED!!! (PERIOD) ...what are you waiting for? For him to lose it on a child or adult? Bad enough this poor dog is needing vet care... IF that was a REGULAR CIVILIAN they would be charged with an assault on a police officer, so why isn't this "officer" being charged with an assault on a officer? Oh yeah because you are Law Enforcement and you are above the law,” wrote Nanda CunhaBrown.

“Wow..... how is this officer expected to preserve the life of civilians if he can't respect and preserve the life of his own partner! So this is either assault on an officer or animal abuse- entire area either way I know that if you've assaulted another officer that makes you ineligible for employment at most police departments! Fix it!” wrote Vivian Corrales.

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