UPDATE: Man Wearing KKK Costume Charged for Beating Entertainer on Halloween

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Boyd Corbin mug shot (BSO)

A man dressed in a Ku Klux Klan costume during a Halloween party in Wilton Manors has been charged for attacking an entertainer outside a restaurant, police said.

The Broward County State Attorney’s office charged Boyd Corbin, 44, with assault with a deadly weapon and battery, both third degree felonies.

Michael Walters, a Dame Edna impersonator, claimed Corbin attacked him with a burning torch during a Halloween costume contest last October at Alibi, a gay bar and restaurant.

Boyd Corbin in his controversial Ku Klux Klan costume. (Photo: Stephen R. Lang, Jump On Mark's List)

“I was onstage and it happened so fast. He was behind me and I kept seeing out of my peripheral vision a burning torch,” Walters told SFGN in a previous interview.

Corbin was photographed that night (Oct. 31) by several people carrying a wooden cross and a lit garden torch — and dressed as a Klansmen.

Walters added: “I turned around and said ‘put that thing out’ and he just kept waving it around, he even thrust it at me a couple of times. Had he come any closer I would have gone up like Michael Jackson,” Walters said regarding the chemicals in his wig.

“I grabbed it and tried to blow it out but [the torch] didn’t go out – that’s when [Corbin] reached up and pulled my wig off, at the same time grabbing my arm and pulling me off the stage. I landed with all of my weight on my right leg and I felt something pop really bad.”

Walters said Corbin then leaned over him and Walters kicked at him.

“I was going to kill him,” Walters said.

MichaelFor his part, Corbin maintains he was attacked first. He has retained attorney Thomas Morse to defend him, dropping his previous lawyer, Jeff Dean. Morse told SFGN he has filed a motion to dismiss the case based on the fact that this case is “completely ridiculous”.

“To say he (Walters) was struck without notice is ridiculous,” Morse said. “It’ll most likely get thrown out.”

Morse also contends that the state has no witnesses and is actively seeking them.

“They (the State) has decided my client is their guy and they’re sticking with him even without witnesses to the event,” Morse said.

Walters is pleased that charges have been filed, but wants things to just hurry up and end.

“This is an unfortunate sit for everyone involved,” Walters said, “I have faith in the system and that the right thing will be done.”