Two LGBT Organizations Jump Into North Miami Controversy

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After weeks of controversy in North Miami since the city council approved letting anti-gay Pastor Jack Hakimian use city property an staff to hold an event for the National Day of Prayer, two LGBT organizations are jumping in to make sure such thing doesn’t happen again.

Equality Florida, the biggest gay rights group in the state, and Miami-based LGBT rights organization SAVE Dade announced endorsements of two candidates running for the council.

The two candidates endorsed include Kevin Burns, an openly gay, former mayor with a partner and daughter and Carol Keys.

“The endorsements are important because of the moment at which they come.  The come on the same day that North Miami funded theprayer vigil of an anti-gay pastor,” said North Miami City Commissioner Scott Galvin, who fought hard against the day of prayer event.

“The endorsements send a message to North Miami's GLBT community...and our straight allies...that Burns and Keys will be voices of tolerance.  In the future, taxpayer dollars will certainly not be given to anti-gay groups.”

Things got heated at the last council meeting when the mayor refused to allow public comment on the issue and Galvin in turn publicly called him a “chicken” and “coward.”

North Miami residents will vote on May 14.

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