Social Media Posts about Gay Bashing in Orlando Not Accurate

Via Flickr: Tim Evanson

Social media lit up Thursday with posts describing the potential gay bashing of an Orlando area man. Turns out they were false – at least according to a police report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

“Everyone please pray for my friend. He was beaten and left for dead in Orlando 2 nights ago. He is on life support and the outcome is not looking very good,” one post read. “Police are looking for anyone who may know anything about the situation. If you have any knowledge, please contact them this person or persons need to be held accountable and locked up. Stay strong my friend and fight as hard as you can.”  

According to the police incident report an unresponsive man with a head injury was found in a retail store parking lot. The hospital found traces of meth in his system, and the doctor stated in the report the man may have overdosed. 

SFGN is not identifying the man, and is only writing about it because the social media posts created such concern in the community.