SFGN Wins 5 Florida Press Club Awards

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The Florida Press Club recently announced the winners to its annual Florida Press Club Excellence in Journalism Contest. SFGN took home five prizes including a first place win for best Illustration.

The winning info-graphic for the Illustration category was made by Brendon Lies, SFGN’s art director, for the newspaper’s special issue on the transgender community last spring. The graphic showed the journey of a trans person in a chutes and ladders type of style.

“I wanted to make the stigma and confusion behind transitioning more palatable,” said Lies, his first time winning a Florida Press Club award. “By making it a game board you’re guaranteeing people will look at it.”

SFGN also took second and third place for the same trans issue mentioned above, and its special issue covering the aftermath of Pulse, the nightclub shooting in Orlando that claimed 49 lives.

Freelancer Christiana Lilly took second place for Minority Reporting and finally freelancer Dori Zinn took third place for Community News writing.

“Congratulation to all of the winners,” said SFGN Publisher Norm Kent. “SFGN is committed to award-winning journalism.”

Click the image below for the winning info-graphic in the illustration category by Brendon Lies.

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