Rick Gibson, Prominent Wilton Manors Real Estate Agent, Dies

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Rick Gibson, a Wilton Manors realtor, died this week. While rumors are being spread that Gibson had committed suicide, Fort Lauderdale police have refused comment as to the cause of death, citing an ongoing investigation. The Broward County medical examiner’s office told SFGN it will take about two weeks before they have any results so for now the cause of death is pending.

“Rick was a really good guy,” said one of his past clients, Howard Mar, 51, of Oakland Park. “Even though you only saw him once or twice a year, it was you didn’t miss a day.”

Ellen Friedman, 53, of Fort Lauderdale met Gibson when she was working for Hot Spots around 1999.

“ was on the most caring individuals I’d ever met. He was kind, considerate to his friends. He was just a good person. The man lived to be a volunteer.”

She met with him briefly on Thursday, April 18.

“He was headed out to a closing. He seemed fine,” she told SFGN. “I’m in shock. Tomorrow’s not promised to anybody.”

Broward House’s Terry DeCarlo and another Gibson friend shared his thoughts in a Thursday, April 25 Facebook post.

“Trying to keep a good face on today for Dining Out for Life but the death of Rick Gibson is making it real hard!”

On Sunday, April 28, friends and family are expected to get together at Egg & You at noon.

Since his learning of his death friends have been leaving messages for him on Facebook:

Marco Magdaluyo: “You have been a great friend, and Realtor to both Tim and I since we moved in South Middle River from Las Vegas. Thank you for getting me involved in SMRCA, and finding beautiful homes for Tim and I in this neighborhood we are so passionate about, and love so much in making it a better place to live in. Finally, thank you for finding our retirement home on 4th Ave, and just very sorry that you will not see it fully remodeled, you would have been so proud. Rest in peace, my friend.”

Kaley Tuning: I still cannot believe you are gone. You taught me so much in the years we worked together. You were an amazing person with such a huge heart. I have such great memories of you that I will cherish. You will be missed. Rest in peace Rick.”

Donna Collins: “I am deeply saddened by the passing of a wonderful neighbor, a trusted friend and confidant , and a man that believed in the power of volunteerism and changing things for the better. You will be missed my friend.”

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