Report: Scooter Rider Attacks Gay Men in Key West

Police in Key West are investigating an incident of harassment that occurred in the early morning hours last Thursday.

The Miami Herald reports two men were taunted, called gay slurs and intimidated by an individual on a scooter. The men, identified by the Herald as Kevin Seymour, 38, and Kevin Paul Taylor, 49, told police the scooter rider called them “faggots and a slew of other anti-gay remarks.”

The scooter rider attempted to justify this behavior by dropping the President’s name.

“You live in Trump country now,” the suspect allegedly said, adding “I bet you faggots voted for that bitch Hillary.”

The men were on bicycles at the time of the incident and eyewitnesses told police the scooter rider struck Seymour’s tire, knocking him to the ground. The suspect is described as a white male in his late 30s with a southern dialect. The scooter, or moped, is described as a black Eclipse.

According to the Herald, the incident took place at 1221 Duval Street. Taylor, the Herald reports, posted on his Facebook page that he and Seymour were “victims of a hate crime.”

SFGN contacted the Key West Police Department Monday morning. Detectives declined to comment, stating the case is still open. 

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