Elections to be held at end of month

Two more board members of Pride South Florida resigned from their posts, sending in letters prior to their meeting on July 8.

John Tupper and Sonia Aguero are the third and fourth board members to resign in 2014, following Corrie Boyd in June and Marc Hansen earlier this year.

In an email to SFGN, Tupper wrote that his initial resignation was “due to Corrie Boyd who recently left two weeks.” He decided to leave the board and focus on his personal life.

“Those plans don’t include PSF at the moment. So for me it was a personal choice. I love PSF. Rocky is a great leader and I wish the board all the best,” he wrote.

Aguero told SFGN in an email, “I will not put anyone in the ‘hot’ seat but as I’m sure you are aware of past turmoils with board members. Truly I'm just burnt out from it all and need to step aside and look at PSF from the outside.”

She also added that it’s easier to criticize board members rather than getting involved and encourages more people to volunteer.

“There are wonderful, committed individuals on the board and it is easy to moan, groan and yes, bitch, about things that go wrong from people that have no idea what it is like to put it all together, the hard work and time out of our lives,” she said.

Boyd allegedly signed talent contracts for Stonewall Pride, without the consent of the president or the board, and according to the bylaws, only the president can do so. At the July 8 meeting, the board accepted his verbal resignation for “behavior against the better intent of this board” and “partial damage to this organization.”

Fellow board member, John Fugate, who also worked at South Florida Gay News, called for his resignation before Boyd resigned on his own accord.

Fugate is also calling for the resignation of Jeff Sterling, whom he claims used his personal and Pride South Florida email for the personal gain of his business. Just before the motion, Sterling abruptly walked out, along with two other board members who work with him, and a third person who carpooled with him to the meeting.

“I think it’s very interesting everyone who works with him is leaving,” treasurer Bonnie Maicher said as they walked out.

A volunteer was upset with the call for another resignation, saying it would alienate anyone else from being a part of Pride South Florida.

“There’s been too many shady people on this board the last few years,” Fugate said, then removed his motion.

In July and August, board members and executive committee members will be nominated and voted on. Interested board members must have attended three consecutive board meetings to run for a spot, and executive members must have served on the board for at least a year.

Visit PrideSouthFlorida.org for more information.