New Twists, New Accusations in Kaitlyn Hunt Case

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Just days after Kaitlyn Hunt, the former high school senior charged with lewd and lascivious behavior for engaging in sexual acts with her then freshman girlfriend, was offered a new plea deal, new details have emerged about the two girls’ relationship since Hunt’s arrest earlier this year.

Media outlets are reporting that since Hunt has continued to violate the no contact ordered issued by the court after her arrest. Allegedly the two girls have continued to communicate with each other through electronic means such as text messages as well as through third parties. The prosecutors claim to have upwards of 20,000 texts, which include nude photos and graphic videos. 

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Hunt, who was 18 at the time, is accused of having sexual relations with her then 14-year-old freshman girlfriend. Both girls attended the same high school and were teammates on the basketball team. Prosecutors initially charged Hunt with two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior on a 12-16 year old.

Both Hunt’s father Steven Hunt and her attorney have responded to these new allegations.

“This has been an extremely difficult day. But the most difficult and painful part of the day was coming to grips with how these allegations have affected each and everyone of you. For many of you this day may have questioned your belief in this cause, or have given you pause on whether to continue to support us,” Steven wrote on the “Free Kate” Facebook group. We can only ask that you give us a little more time to respond to your questions and the allegations made by the State. Because of the nature of these allegations, our lawyers have requested that we not speak out at this time. They have not had a chance to review the materials and making any kind of statement on what is actually contained in them is premature.”

While Kaitlyn’s attorney Julia Graves noted: “As with any high profile case there is great public interest in the various details of the investigation. However, it is customary as the process unfolds that allegations will be made, but they must be proven and substantiated in a court of law. We continue to work on Ms. Hunt’s defense today, the same as we did yesterday and will continue tomorrow.”

Even as these new allegations have unfolded, the case is still generating interest according to Kaitlyn’s mother Kelley Hunt Smith.

“This afternoon we learned that Attorney William A. Korman, an attorney who has been nationally recognized for his work defending individuals accused of sexual misconduct, has joined Kate's formidable legal team,” Kelley posted in the “Free Kate” Facebook group. “Mr. Korman, who is based in Boston, Massachusetts, was so outraged by the spurious attacks against Kate, that he agreed to become involved in this case based on his moral outrage at the criminalization of what would be considerd typical adolescent behavior and actions. We look forward to Attorney Korman assisting us in this matter.” Jason Parsley

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