Miami Teen Allegedly Bullied at Foster Shelter, Expelled from School for Being Gay

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The Florida Department of Children and Families refused to look into the case of a gay teenager who claimed he was expelled from his school and harassed at the foster care shelter where he lived because of his sexuality, The Miami Herald reports.

The unnamed 16-year-old was allegedly approached by administrators at the Christian school he attended and asked whether he was gay. When he said “yes” he was expelled.

Then, the staff at the foster shelter where he was living tried to convert the him to being straight -- meanwhile he says he was being humiliated and harassed by others at the shelter.

“They always told us that God is love, but I guess there’s no God there,” the teen wrote to his court-ordered guardian of his experience at His House Children’s Home, according to the Herald.

The agency that oversees the foster home found the teen’s story credible and asked twice FDCF to investigate the treatment of the youth without any results.

For her part, Jean Caceres-Gonzalez, head of His House, said in an email to The Herald that “all children at His House are treated with great love, respect and dignity regardless of their sexual orientation. Harassment by other kids or staff members is not tolerated and dealt with immediately. This child was no different. He fully enjoyed a safe and loving home.”

The gay teen is now 19 and living on his own.

Read the complete story, here.

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