Florida Pastor Compares Gays with Serial Killers, Rapists And Child Molesters

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Pastor Jeffrey S. Smith

So another pastor denouncing homosexuality as something perverse, nothing new here, right? Well, someone always manages to take anti-gay bigotry up one notch.

That’s where Pastor Jeffrey S. Smith of Coconut Creek’s Emmanuel Baptist Church in Broward County comes in.

As first reported by Good as You blog, the preacher was recorded on Dec. 16, 2012 giving part of a sermon titled “Homosexual Perversion.”

“His whole sermon on 12/16/12 was built around making gays seem perverted, sick (with mentions of fake ailments like "gay bowel syndrome"), and marked for suffering. It's this equation, however, that is the most offensive (and dangerous) for Jeffrey Smith to preach and for his congregants to internalize,” writes blogger Jeremy Hooper.

In the recording, Smith is heard comparing how a person's nature to be gay equates that of a serial killer. He argues that because it’s the serial killer’s nature to be violent that doesn’t mean his acts are right, the same reasoning applies to gays, according to him.

"You can imagine a murderer standing before a judge -- a serial killer -- and he says, 'Well, judge, it's just my nature,'" Smith says in the sermon.

WATCH: Below is a portion of Smith's “Homosexual Perversion” sermon, listen the full recording here.


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