Florida Man Says Uber Driver Offered To Swap Ride For Sex

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(EDGE) A Florida man told a local NBC affiliate that an Uber driver offered to forgo the fare for the ride in exchange for a sexual encounter, News Channel NBC 6 reported.

According to news reports, when Matthew Marston called for an Uber on the morning of Nov. 12, he got a text message from the driver who was en route to pick up that read, "Hey, I'll give you a free ride if you let me..." 

NBC 6 did not explicitly complete the sentence, but a screenshot of the exchange featured in the news clip showed text with key passages blurred out that seemed to refer to oral sex.

"Of course I canceled the Uber, but I was uncomfortable calling another Uber," Marston told the media. "You know I thought about calling out of work," he went on to say. 

Other news outlets picked up in the story and noted that, according to Marston, he was charged a $5 fee when he canceled the ride. Uber said that the company refunded that charge. Uber also said that it was looking into the incident, and suggested that a person other than the driver in question may have sent the text.

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