Florida House Passes Bill That Could Circumvent LGBT Protections

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On April 4, the Florida House passed a bill that some believe could allow communities to avoid following ordinances set in place to protect LGBT citizens.

House Bill 655 passed 75-43 and states that it provides "for applicability and future repeal of certain ordinance and conforming provisions to constitutional requirements relating to the state minimum wage."

According to Michael Farmer of Equality Florida, the bill is trouble for Florida's LGBT citizens and workers who earn hourly wages.

"It's a bill that would kill ordinances that require employers to provide equal benefits to gay couples, kills ordinances that require employers to provide earned sick time, kills ordinances that protects works from wage theft," Farmer said on Facebook. "It's an awful, awful, disgraceful bill."

The passage of the bill in the house is just the first step. It will now be handed off to the senate, where many believe it will be killed or, at the very least, stalled.

The language of the bill doesn't directly mention LGBTs or their families, but does say, that political subdivisions, like cities, townships, etc., may not require employers to provide employment benefits not otherwise required by state or federal law.

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