Florida Atlantic’s College Of Medicine to Study PrEP Use Habits

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Florida Atlantic University is conducting an online study to check on Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) habits among those who use the drug.

FAU’s Charles Schmidt College of Medicine will be collecting data from an online survey about the HIV prevention treatment, according to an email from internal medicine resident physician Edgar Fernandez. The survey can be completed completely online.

“Please know that this is an anonymous study and we are not collecting any personal identifier information,” he wrote. “Individuals who select the link will review a summary of the survey before consenting to participate in the brief 5-8-minute survey.”

According to the study website, participants will be asked info about their knowledge of HIV and their use of PrEP. They will also be asked info about their age, gender and race for demographic purposes.

Those who are faced with an uncomfortable question can choose to skip it. According to the study, those who wish to stop taking the study at any time can choose to do so with no penalty.

“There are no anticipated risks and there are no known benefits to you directly,” the website states. “However, your participation will enable us to better understand the factors that influence adherence to PrEP.”

If you have questions as a research participant or run into an issue with the survey, contact the FAU Division of Research at (561) 297-1383.

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